Plug ‘n play Indoor LoRaWAN Gateway with Netmore Connectivity

Plug ‘n play Indoor LoRaWAN Gateway with Netmore Connectivity

€480 / one-time purchase
€180 / yearly renewal
IoT platform included in the price


IoT platform included in the price

Rapid deployment of your IoT projects with the Netmore-ready indoor LoRaWAN gateway.


Plug ‘n play installation with 4G backhaul bundled with Netmore’s LoRaWAN connectivity.


Seamlessly connect and manage up to 50 sensors with this plug ‘n play solution designed for swift deploymentrnand optimal performance.


Includes the Multitech AP300 Indoor LoRaWAN Gatewayrnand the first year of Netmore LoRaWAN connectivity.

What’s Included


Plug ‘n Play Gateway

The MultiTech AP300 gateway comes pre-configured and ensures hassle-free setup, allowing you to focus on your IoT project without the complexities of installation and configuration.


4G SIM Backhaul

Stay connected effortlessly with the included 4G SIM backhaul, ensuring reliable and high-speed connectivity and redundance.


Access to Netmore’s Public Network

Benefit from Netmore’s robust public LoRaWAN network for redundancy. Ensuring widespread coverage and reliability for your devices.


LoRaWAN Portal

Gain access to our user-friendly LoRaWAN portal, empowering you to monitor, manage, and optimize your IoT devices with ease.



Designed with robust security measures, our API empowers customers to effortlessly access and manage their data, ensuring a secure and efficient experience.

Why Choose Netmore?


Proven Reliability

Netmore is partnering up with MultiTech, a trusted name in IoT technology, ensuring the gateway’s reliability and durability.


Seamless Integration

The combination of the gateway and Netmore’s connectivity provides a seamless integration experience for your IoT devices to your application.



Enjoy competitive pricing for both the gateway and the yearly connectivity renewal, making IoT deployment cost-effective for businesses of all sizes.

Plans and Pricing

  • Our offering
  • Standard Gateway
    Netmore plug`n gateway
  • LoRa Alliance certified
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Doubble backhaul possibility
  • Pre-configured with Netmore LoRaWAN network server
  • Plug`n Play installation
  • 4G multi-roaming SIM-card included
  • Access to Netmore`s public netmore
  • Access to Netmore`s LoRaWAN portal and API`s
  • Validated and tested by professional LoRaWAN operator

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